Vintage Safe by George Price of Wolverhampton

The first four pictures are the safe prior to any work. A bit rusty, a bit sad looking and in need of some love and attention.

After some hours sympathetically cleaning and waxing, the finished item looks about the same! Except that it's not. Its cleaner and protected from further rusting. The bottom has been painted, even though it will never be seen – we like to pay attention to detail here at Quirksome Vintage.

We wanted to retain as much of the patina, character and story that has been part of this piece for over 100 years. That meant trying to remove some of the loose material and dust without damaging the most delicate part - the hand stencilled decals! We used coloured wax polish to fill in the areas that started to come up too clean. Often the simplest treatment is the best treatment for a piece where the marks and wear show a story.

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