Parasols are very popular in the summer, particularly the beautiful, Chinese paper ones. Although these are still made the modern ones tend to be less ornate than the vintage ones. Umbrellas and parasols have been used for the past 3,000 years, initially invented in China to keep the rain off and then used through the ages depending on the fashion of the day. In summer they have been used to keep the skin pale and untanned, particularly in times when pale skin has been thought to show that the person was of a higher class and didn't need to work out in the sun.


To care for your vintage parasol it is best to keep it indoors away from the heat, many are made from inked paper that has been oiled or varnished, the heat will dry this out and cause it to split...taking it out in the sun risks fading the intricate inked patterns. If you are lucky enough to find a vintage silk parasol, again, keep it out of the sun as it will likely damage and fade it.

You can read about the origins of the Parasol/Umbrella here: